You are not a loser

You are not a loser; your team is.

An open letter to NFL Football fans.

As the 2021/22 NFL season ends, many fans are heartbroken that their team did not make it to the Superbowl. In all your pain, remember, you are not a loser, your team is.

Do not worry about the fact you spent the entire 2021 pre-season trying to convince anyone who would listen, how your team would make it to the big dance. Sure, you had dreams of them going undefeated. I am almost certain your coworkers have forgotten about your ridicule of their favorite teams and how inferior they were.

Focus on the fact that you were a football visionary. You had all the boldness of a Lion (not a Detroit Lion. A regular lion), and you wanted the world to know about your high football IQ. Sure, you scoffed at the team’s general manager after the NFL draft selections. There is no doubt that you could have done a much better job, notwithstanding your lack of experience. Only you knew what the team needed to succeed.

As the season unfolded, and the losses accumulated, you were convinced the head coach was inept. How dare he not use the plays you screamed at the television after the play was unsuccessful? The team would have been undefeated with you at the helm. You and I both know the NFL should not require their head coaches to have an intimate knowledge of the game. A head coach does not have to spend most of their adult lives and endless hours per day, perfecting their craft. So much money can be saved by team owners if they only had the wisdom to consult with you. All those team bumper stickers, team mugs, team shirts and team jackets are proof you are the person for the job.

Worry not that your social media accounts are filled with rollercoaster posts. We were thoroughly entertained when you posted one week about the big win and the following week about the meaningless loss. We may have known in our hearts that implosion of your team was imminent, but we silently applauded your resilience. Those posts can become your steppingstones and blueprints that ensure the disastrous season will not be repeated.

While unfortunate that you lost so much money in bets, those extra shifts you picked-up to cover the cost gives you an added purpose in life. The players on your favorite team would be sympathetic to your plight had they not been so distracted by the gorgeous scenery in their global vacation destinations. It is my belief that they too are financially burdened after that early season exit. They may be forced to curb their private jet trips and yacht excursions.

Your dedication to your team is most admirable to me. You have remained a loyal supporter, even though many of the players will be wearing a different uniform next season. As their agents negotiate to get them the most money possible, you can use this tactic to obtain a pay raise from your boss. This is a great, teachable moment.

As you can see, none of this was your fault. It lies solely at the feet of the owners, coaches, and referees. You will not be caught off guard next season. All the mistakes of the past will be corrected, and your team will surely make it to the next Superbowl. Look at the bright side, your team will still be at this year’s Superbowl, as spectators.

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