Will I ever?

(A Pandemic Poem)


I risk a look of scorn or a sideward glance.

They will abandon me and never again take a chance.

I clear my throat rapidly, hoping they will not hear,

If I do this, they will become anxious and filled with fear.

I try to suppress it, but it is difficult to stop,

Maybe I could distract them if I only had a prop.

The feeling is overwhelming, and I cannot control it,

Maybe I can run away, but time will not permit. 

I will be judged, criticized, and talked about,

Not by my actions, but what is coming out of my mouth.

If I cough, I will be deemed an outsider,

I will be sent home from work and cannot continue to be a provider.

If I cough, they will assume I have Covid-19, 

but my throat is only ticklish after eating cheap ice cream.

Will I ever be able to cough again?

Will I be able to do so freely and keep my friends?

Coughing nowadays makes you public enemy number one,

life before the pandemic was so much more fun.


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2 responses to “Will I ever?”

  1. Coughing, sneezing, snifflingng, clearing your throat, etc. So many things we hesitate about and try not to do in public now. It’s scary that we are even at this place.

    1. dwayneadderley

      *clears throat* I totally agree.

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