We will survive this

We will survive this

War in Ukraine, escalated food costs, elevated gas prices and an ongoing pandemic. These are just some of the headlines we currently face. Despite all of this, we will survive. We have faced many challenges throughout our history, and we have always emerged stronger.

One of the most important things to remember during these times is that crisis develops resilience. For example, I am at an age when I remember gasoline dipping to a low of .99 cents per gallon. (I can’t believe I sound like my parents). It seems crazy to think that was only twenty-five years ago, but it really wasn’t all that long ago in internet time. I saw the increases at the pumps over the years. What inflation did during that period was move persons out of their comfort zones. Individuals realized their salaries were not enough and sought better compensation elsewhere. Career colleges sprouted like mushrooms as the labor force sought to sharpen and learn new skills. This string of events bolstered the strong labor force we have today.

The rising cost of groceries has prompted many to begin growing fruits and vegetables at home. The current state of affairs has moved us to think outside the box in order to remain healthy and safe. Many persons can now confirm that beets are grown in the ground as opposed to the Libby’s factory.  We have become more resourceful and appreciative of the things we once took for granted – like vegetables growing right outside your door!

As for war, there is no simple logic that can define the death and destruction that they bring. Present technology allows us to witness these atrocities almost instantly. This is unlike times past where we were subjected to rumors and truths could be filtered and at times eliminated. Although, individuals and situations are clearly shown electronically, we are still told that it did not happen. I digress. Present conflicts bring with them a global awareness and instant responses. In the case of Ukraine, fundraisers were immediately launched to assist the residents. No longer are wars seen as inconveniences that occur on the other side of the world. Over the years, we realized that the Earth is one big community and we are all affected by disturbances of natural or social natures.

The recent pandemic has provided an opportunity for people to take their ideas and pursue them as far they will go. This is evident by the number of home-based businesses started during this time period, many which would have remained just that – dreams on paper had it not been for downsized employees moving forward with projects after being laid off from work.

A few moments in our lives can change everything. Sometimes we need some push (or pull) from outside sources before engaging enough energy towards changing things up; but when adversity strikes…it might be worth remembering how much opportunity comes along with these challenges.

One of my key pieces of advice to others is to think back on moments in your life that you overcame. You may have thought that you would not survive them or felt like surrendering, but here you are.

The only way to overcome adversity is by staying strong and believing in yourself. When you’re at your lowest point, it’s important not just for mental health but also physical well-being that we get back up again because what life throws our way will never stop being thrown until the end of time.

We have all been there where everything seems hopeless–the pain feels unbearable; however this too shall pass if utilized correctly through perseverance.

So, when you find yourself wondering how we will make it through, remember that we always have. We are a strong and resilient people, who have faced many challenges and emerged stronger each time. So take heart, we will survive this too.

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