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Too hot for the Holidays

As we approach the holiday season, our lives are filled with reflection, preparation, and anticipation. It is no different here in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas; but there is one problem, it is too hot for the Holidays.

There is no doubt that this Christmas season will be additionally special for many. This will be the first Holiday season in two years that we can interact with friends and family, in a responsible and socially distant manner.

As for me, my Holiday season began on schedule, during Thanksgiving. The air was crisp and cool because of recent cold fronts and Christmas decorations began arriving in stores. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town were broadcasted a month earlier than normal and I knew this was a sign of a spectacular season to come.

I increased my Christmas budget by 8% over last year, plotted a spot for my Christmas tree, and even shopped for a Holiday wreath. But, a few days after Thanksgiving, something went horribly wrong. The temperature began to rise and remained in the mid 80’s. I checked the ten-day forecast and saw no relief in sight. This shift in the weather was not conducive to me maintaining the Holiday spirit.

To give you some context, Winter weather in the Bahamas begins anytime the temperature dips below 72 degrees Fahrenheit. At 70 degrees, fur-lined boots and heavy coats are adorned. Any temperature in the 60’s requires all outer layer clothing to be made of leather (vegan leather if you are an environmentalist), and a state of emergency expected by the populace.

So, here I was, watching every weather forecast to hear of the next potential cold front, with no luck. My concerns about global warming deepened and the high humidity further eroded my commercialized spirit of Christmas. As I traversed the streets, I saw merchants dressing their mannequins in sweaters and scarves; I pitied them. There is something sacrilegious about Christmas shopping while perspiring.

As the warm days steamed along, I began making plans to divert the previously mentioned Christmas budget to my Binance account. Ethereum was on an upswing and Sandbox was on fire. This is the only heat I wanted to experience.

I saw several fellow commuters with Christmas trees strapped to the top of their vehicles.  I determined the trees would spontaneously combust before arriving at their destinations. Being aware of my souring demeanor, I used my secret weapon, playing my favorite Christmas Carols. “My gift to you” by Alexander O’Neal and “Merry Christmas All” by Selsoul Orchestra can warm the heart of the biggest Grinch.

The constant emails from eBay, Amazon and other entities were my hourly reminders that Christmas was fast approaching. By the 12th of December, I knew that there was no more time to prepare.

It was at this moment that I returned to basics. Christmas, 2021 for me would be about the true meaning of this sacred holiday. I would be thankful for the birth of Jesus and further grateful for all the Blessings He has given to me over the years. It may not be my ideal weather for December, but flip-flops, Sun, sand and sea isn’t so bad.

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