The great social media collapse 2021

The great social media collapse 2021

On Monday, October 4, 2021, the world experienced a collapse of epic proportions. Almost simultaneously, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram went offline.

Immediately, lives were changed. We were suddenly separated from family, friends, and people we barely know, who inhabit our Friend list. Instantly, we were unable to share what we were having for lunch, repost jokes others have seen dozens of times or convince the world we are living our best lives. We cringed as we thought about not knowing what our favorite celebrities and exes were doing.

To give perspective to those who live normal lives without an active account on these sites, here are the numbers. WhatsApp boasts over 2 billion active users per month. Instagram has 1 billion monthly users and Facebook boasts over 2.89 billion monthly users. Maybe now you can understand the soft sobs coming from your coworker’s cubicle all afternoon.

This social media collapse 2021 forced us to spend time with the person we dread most, our true selves. We had to spend most of October 4th with the person we sell to the world daily. Hopefully, most of us were happy spending time with that person.

After resetting our computers, phones and modems, reality began to materialize. The world was plunged into the social dark ages. We would have to perform our work with no distractions. We would be forced to have actual conversations with other humans. The future looked bleak. Rumors began circulating that our favorite mediums may never return. Both prayers and curses were being said for Mark Zuckerberg, sometimes from the same person.

Businesses that utilize these platforms to communicate with customers were also affected. After adjusting their operation models due to Covid-19 restrictions, they found themselves teetering on the edge once again. Could they keep their doors open without a free forum in which to advertise? Would they find themselves having to pay for publicity?

This failure should have given us ample time to plan and reflect. Would you be able to survive without social media? Have you honed your communication skills to the point where you can spend time with others for hours? Are you emotionally able to sustain another social media failure? Do you have a hobby or skill that can keep you entertained should another cataclysmic event occur?

Always have an alternative plan. Not only regarding social media, but in other areas of your life. Please note that this rule should not be applied to marriages and relationships.

Undoubtedly, there will be a congressional hearing to discover the cause. The “Is this entity too big to fail?” and the “Do these companies have too much control?” questions will once again be asked. As we await these developments, have you determined how much of a grasp social media has on your life?

Look at the bright side. Many of us had an option that a former POTUS wish he had. We were able to utilize Twitter.

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