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The 8 steps to happiness

Happiness can be defined as a mental or emotional state that includes positive or pleasant emotions. It can also involve subjective well-being and life satisfaction.


This article highlights some suggestions to achieving true and lasting happiness. Not a momentary and temporary joy, but disciplines that will have a lifelong effect. These methods have worked for me over the years and I want to share them with you.



Considering the fact that we are all spiritual beings; this allows us to verbalize what we are feeling and experiencing. There is a connection with God inside all of us and if we fail to maintain this communication, there will be an obvious void. This explains why many people have wealth and fame but remain unhappy. Prayer reminds us that we do not have to carry the burdens of life alone but can share them with our Creator.


I am not speaking about acquaintances. Identify two or three people in your circle that you can trust and have similar interests with. These must be individuals who are not afraid to tell you when you are doing something wrong. They should enhance your social life and not be an emotional burden to you. Too often we find ourselves trying to appease others and lose ourselves in the process. 


Our bodies are the most complex machines in the world and we must treat them as such. Regular exercise is a part of the maintenance program. Whether you take a stroll for a few miles each week or go to the gym, integrate this regimen into your daily life. When you feel better, it will change your attitude for the better.

Be Selfish

Happiness comes from within. You must first be happy before you can bring joy to those around you. Take time for yourself and partake in activities or hobbies that you enjoy. Learn to enjoy being alone and do not rely on always having to be in the presence of others.

Eat Healthy

Add more fruits, vegetables, grains and water to your diet. These will ensure your body functions properly and will boost your immune system. This equates to less doctor visits and reduces the need for maintenance medication. 


Establish a monthly budget and live within your means. After you have paid your bills, give yourself an entertainment stipend. Set aside funds to cover gas, groceries and other necessities. You should also be regularly contributing to a savings or investment account. Worrying about unpaid bills and lack of money can cause stress and affect your well-being.

Confront your fears

Do not ignore or avoid the issues in your life. This will not make them go away. You must deal with each of them and try to find closure. These roadblocks will remain in our subconscious and affect our actions and feelings.

Be unapologetically you

Embrace who you are. If you love peanut butter and banana sandwiches, great. If you prefer colorful socks over the basic brown or black ones, terrific. Never try to fit into someone else’s space. Conforming can cause unhappiness. You will realize that when you display your true self, your space will attract and maintain happiness.

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