Robots and man

Robots are replacing you

Many people own devices that make our lives easier. Whether it be a voice-based, AI-powered digital assistant such as the Amazon Alexa or a robot vacuum; you will see how these robots are replacing you.

They woo you
Boston Dynamic’s robotic dog.

According to Statista, in 2020, there were 4.2 billion digital voice assistants being used globally. This number is estimated to reach 8.4 billion units by 2024. They also estimate that the market value of robotic vacuums will reach 4.98 billion dollars by 2025.

These devices enter our lives as cute gifts. The instant we see them in a television or social media ad, it is love at first sight. We see and hear about the promises of making our lives simpler and more efficient. We get them for ourselves or for our loved ones. Some of them are shaped like the family dog, a piece of furniture and even humans; so, we do not give it a second thought.

Having been introduced to our homes, they perform as advertised and we love them. Other members of the household begin interacting with these devices and everyone is pleased. They clean our floors, operate our lights and interact with our home security systems. 

Even when there are rumors of eavesdropping from some of these products or periodic malfunctions that require constant repair; we are willing to overlook it because they have become family.


The takeover

According to an article published February 11th, 2021, by the University of Ohio, there are five industries that are using robotics to boost efficiency and convenience. These areas are healthcare, agriculture, food preparation, manufacturing, and the military.

As you can see, those devices in our homes have older siblings that are working in many sectors. Together, they are not only making our lives easier, but have a huge effect on industry and commerce. When these machines and devices malfunction, our lives are negatively affected. We are not able to produce the goods that we need, and this causes prices to skyrocket because of delays and demand. 

It is critical to get these robots back in service because we cannot function without them. Assembly lines are not readily prepared to construct merchandise at the speed and efficiency of the machines. 

Meanwhile, robots are moving to the forefront of the service industry. “Cobots” are robots that perform simple tasks and work alongside humans in restaurants. Currently, robots are being used in some restaurants for flipping hamburger patties, making pizza, making cocktails and salads. 

Look at the bright side; we eventually will not have to worry about finding hair in our food when we dine-out. Maybe a little lubrication oil or a screw, but no hair.


You are no longer needed
Domino’s Nuro

Before submitting your next vacation request, taking a personal day, or utilizing your sick days, remember that there are robots waiting to replace you. They do not complain about working late and do not mind working on weekends and holidays.

Suddenly, the boss has a choice to make. Tolerate your absenteeism or replace you with a machine that does not need to take breaks.


Fight back!

There are ways that you can protect yourself and your family from this onslaught. 

Learn or enhance your computing and software skills – This will keep you positioned for any technological advancements and ensure you are not left behind when changes occur. This includes programming and Computer Aided Design (CAD).

Make yourself invaluable – Familiarize yourself with associated tasks related to your job. Volunteer to assist coworkers if needed. This will expand your knowledge and increase your chance for promotion. This is especially critical if you are in the customer service industry. No robot can compete with an excellent personality.

So the next time you see one of these devices, remember that they are capable of doing more than you think. 






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