Your procrastination is hindering my happiness.

Do you realize how many people in your social circles, including your family members, have unfulfilled dreams? Ask any of them what passions they have not pursued yet, and I guarantee almost all of them will have an answer. I personally know three potential authors, two potential restaurateurs, a potential blogger, a potential photographer, and a potential entrepreneur. With each passing day, this means that I am being denied captivating books, delicious meals, beautiful photos, and diversification advice. These discussions prompted me to ask the reasoning behind these delays and the responses were eerily similar.

Reason Excuse #1: I have a full-time job – You probably had this job for a while and if you are good at what you do, will have it for the foreseeable future. Your employer is not going to request a meeting with you and encourage you to take a leave of absence to get your dream started. This means that you must utilize the sixteen hours that remain of your day, after your eight-hour shift. 

Reason Excuse #2: I do not have the money to fund it – Your upcoming paycheck will most likely be equivalent to your recent one. That means that this is the budget you must work with (minus taxes, expenses, and obligations). Unless there is an inheritance coming your way, you may have to begin on a smaller scale than envisioned. Working a second job is not the solution (reference the twenty-four-hour day above). 

Beneath the surface, these rationalizations are due to fear of the unknown. Take that first step and see what transpires. There may be setbacks but the satisfaction of knowing you are investing in yourself will be extremely rewarding. Invest in yourself – Information and education is literally everywhere in today’s world. Some tutorials are free and others you may have to pay for. You are not a subject matter expert in all aspects of your dream business so use this time to develop your skills.

It will be a lonely road (in the beginning) – Do not expect those around you to understand your vision. The passion you possess for your dreams is for you alone. Currently, you are the only person that thinks it is a great idea. Others will believe it when it comes to fruition. After your success, they will be there cheering for you and stating how they always believed in you. 

We are currently experiencing a global reset. You must be in an optimal position to maximize your place in the recovery. Instead of waiting for things to get back to normal, you should alter your mindset and business practice to reflect the new normal. This means establishing an e-commerce platform as online purchasing, studying your target audience, or possibly rebranding.  

The only person hindering you from achieving your goals is you. It is time to elevate off your gluteus maximus and begin the process. Myself, along with the rest of mankind, are waiting.

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