Man stands on a beach with his arms in the air. Celebrating freedom.

Independent and Free

Freedom is defined as the right to act, speak, or think as one wants. Independence means you are free from outside control and not subjected to another’s authority.

Happy Independence Day

Flags of the United States of America and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas

July is the kickoff of the independence season for me. The United States of America celebrates on July 4th and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas on July 10th. Both countries gained their liberty from British rule. It is therefore appropriate to have a look at what it means to be independent and free. 

A deeper dive

Take a pause and imagine what your daily life would look like if you could do what you want, when you want and how you want. Would your newfound freedom be conducive to a pleasant experience for those around you? 

Freedom contains a sliver of irony. In modern society, freedom is dependent on others allowing us to be free. Our family status dictates when it is appropriate to leave the house and when we should be home. This is normally dictated by the wife.

 At work, our company and bosses dictate when we are supposed to be at work and when we are to leave. They also dictate how long our lunches and breaks are, as well as how much vacation time we receive. 

Our governments make rules that tell us how fast we can go on the highways, what age we can legally drink and where we can carry weapons. They tell us where we can hunt and what we can hunt for. 

So, before you begin your independence celebration, analyze whether you are depending on another for livelihood or subsistence. 

A better society

As you can see, laws and culture are what makes us free. We need the protection of laws to prevent us from being discriminated against. Remember my earlier question? What if you were able to drive on whatever side of the street you wanted with no regard for the others? What if you were able to openly disrespect those in your society who disagreed with your views with no consequence? What kind of environment would that be?

You likely choose your home because the laws of the city or homeowner’s association prevent your neighbors from painting their abode pink with polka-dots. You drive your vehicle with confidence because Federal laws guarantee it is safe to operate. You feel more comfortable on airplanes because of regulations imposed by the Federal Aviation Administration. 

While it is obvious that laws are incapable of pleasing everyone, they keep us safe. They are created to prevent society from spiraling into a state of anarchy. 

Let the fireworks begin

Photo courtesy of Dwayne Adderley

One thing that you should never do is to surrender your freedom to society. Never stop following your dreams because you are comfortable in your current situation. Do not depend on others solely for your survival. Never wait until your back is against the wall to find your happiness and true self. Procrastination is not a by-product of independence.

Always use your freedoms to serve one another in love.







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