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In recent times, I have discovered that I am a foodie. I find myself always searching for a next-level dining experience. Having visited several of the eateries in Nassau, Bahamas, I have tasted many delicacies and experienced some wonderful ambiance. Everything from beaches to marinas as backdrops with stunning sunsets to compliment the evening.

 Just when I thought it could not get any better, I recently visited what may be, the perfect restaurant. Located at #85 Mackey Street in Nassau, Bahamas, Showman E-Bistro appears as if they have positioned themselves to not only satisfy the palate, but to elevate the entire dining experience. The experience begins the moment you arrive; attentive staff immediately approach your vehicle and offer valet or self-parking. I know you may be saying that this is nothing new but hold on to your keyboard because there is more. Once you exit your vehicle, you are notified that your car will receive a complimentary car wash; yes, a FREE car wash! When was the last time your favorite eatery offered that? You are then escorted to your table and immediately you are approached so that your drink order can be placed and offered a cold towel (this is an outdoor dining experience, in the Bahamas, during Summer). The menu is viewed via a scan of their QR Code and it immediately fills your phone with appetizers that include native sweet potato chips, or spicy shrimp falafel with tomato feta ragu among others. The lunch offering is equally diverse and includes Mediterranean Sea bass, beef kebabs, grilled calamari and octopus to name a few. Then there is my favorite section (no, not the desserts), the salads. Here you will find such selections as a crispy kale salad with pomegranate apple vinaigrette, Mediterranean cous cous bowl, tequila chicken quinoa mango salad and others. I opted for the spiced cauliflower rice bowl that included coconut scented rice, golden raisins, toasted walnuts, pickled tomato, and avocado fries. The serving size was plentiful, and I had enough to share with others if I wanted to, which I did not. The combination of flavors was like a party in my mouth (a very responsible, socially distanced party of course).

I admit that this was not my first-time hearing about the Showman brand as I had previously observed their philanthropic programs throughout the Bahamas post Hurricane Dorian. I was pleased to see them expand into this fabulous establishment. With the pandemic resulting in numerous restaurants being established; this property has positioned themselves to be the gold standard in dining experiences.

This restaurant is a must-visit, whether you are a native or a visitor to Nassau, Bahamas. They describe their cuisine as, “multi-cultural with a fusion of tastes from Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, the Caribbean and Middle East”. They can be found at and are also on all social media platforms.

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  2. Will visit Showman’s E-Bistro next time I am in Nassau thanks for the recommendation.

    1. dwayneadderley

      It really is a great restaurant and no; they did not compensate me in any way.

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