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  • Is working a privilege or right?

    Is working a privilege or right?

    In recent months, there has been a paradigm shift in the employment sector. This is especially evident in the United States of America where there is a sudden shortage of workers. As of November 2021, the unemployment rate in the United States was reported to be 4.6%. This number, at face value is commendable. The…

  • Customer Service (may it rest in peace)

    Customer Service (may it rest in peace)

    I am noticing that the term “customer service” just like the phrase “I love you”, is often utilized, but rarely has sincerity attached. So here I am, attempting to do my part in educating the masses on the do’s and don’ts of true customer service. Having spent my early years in the Commonwealth of the…

  • Job Interview Tutorial

    Job Interview Tutorial

    Over the years, I have had many opportunities to not only be interviewed for careers, but to interview others seeking employment. It is your one opportunity to make a good impression on those who may potentially hold your dream and economic well-being in their hands. Securing the right job may determine where you live, what…