Category: Humor

  • “May I take your order”?

    “May I take your order”?

    When we are asked the question, “may I take your order”? Are we really getting what we want or is this just a rhetorical question? How it all began Being mindful of what I put into my body (other than dessert) for the past several years, I recently made a diversion to a local fast-food…

  • Vaccinated (..and still not a zombie)

    Vaccinated (..and still not a zombie)

    The most intense, informative and entertaining debates about the Covid-19 vaccine are happening not in the halls of government or at the Center for Disease Control. It is not happening at the Pan American Health Organization or the World Health Organization. These debates that are currently on the lips of every human being, on every…

  • You treat me like a dog

    You treat me like a dog

    Ever heard a phrase used and discovered later in life that it was no longer applicable?

  • The Anti-Social Social Club

    The Anti-Social Social Club

    In 2019, while on a visit to the city I grew up in, I ran into a former grade school classmate whom I had not seen in many years. After a quick exchange of pleasantries, phone contacts and promises to keep in touch, he informed me that our former high school classmates had a WhatsApp…