Vaccinated (..and still not a zombie)

The most intense, informative and entertaining debates about the Covid-19 vaccine are happening not in the halls of government or at the Center for Disease Control. It is not happening at the Pan American Health Organization or the World Health Organization. These debates that are currently on the lips of every human being, on every continent on this planet, are actually happening at every dinner table, coffee shop, workplace (during breaks of course) and every street corner. I would go as far to say that these debates are even happening within the minds of some individuals.

If you find that your day is boring and you need a little excitement, you don’t have to wait for the six o’ clock news; just ask the nearest friend or acquaintance if they took or plan to take the vaccine and watch the fireworks. You will no doubt get information about the vaccine that you would never get from credible sources. You can even go as far as eavesdropping on the conversations of others while in public and have your knowledge expanded.

Vaccinations have quickly become my favorite topic to discuss. For years we have been utilizing icebreakers like “how’s the weather?” or “how are the kids?”…forget that! Vaccinations is the hot topic.

In my many conversations with those inside and many outside of my social circle, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite responses, reactions and comments. These are not in any particular order of importance;

“I am waiting” – Do not let them end here because I discovered that there is a second part to this response. What the person is actually telling you is that they are waiting to see if you or the other vaccinated persons they know, die. While all may not be anticipating your demise, they are at a minimum waiting to see if you grow a second nose.

“It’s a covert operation to microchip everyone” – This was communicated by individuals who are married to cellphones that have no security settings enabled and click on every link when they receive spam mail. If an entity or individual wanted to track them; they wouldn’t have needed to start a global pandemic and develop a vaccine to do so.

“You are brave” – Shortly after my first vaccine shot, this response flattered me until I discovered what they were really saying is, “you are insane”. We, the vaccinated are seen as guinea pigs who willingly went to the lab. Whenever you receive this response, just give them a smile and walk away.

“I’m still waiting” – No, this isn’t repetitive. I (innocently) overheard two co-workers having a discussion about vaccination and one of the women stated that she was waiting for vaccinated persons to turn into zombies. It’s a good thing that she never saw me before I have my morning coffee because she would be convinced that the transformation had begun. I walked away curious if she actually had a defense plan against zombies.

“You are now a human magnet” – There is actually a video circulating on social media that shows an alleged, newly vaccinated person, being able to secure a magnet at the site of their injection on their arm. Not really sure why the pharmaceutical companies would spend millions of dollars in research just to remake an existing product.  After viewing this video, I was convinced that we vaccinated persons need to stick together.

In my humble and unsolicited opinion, we who have decided to get inoculated are officially under a microscope. I truly believe that the choice to receive the vaccine is a personal one and do not pass judgement on those who do or do not receive the vaccine. In the interim, if those of us who are vaccinated stubs our toe, coughs, oversleeps, chooses wine over beer at dinner or dies at a ripe old age; it will be attributed to taking the vaccine.

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4 responses to “Vaccinated (..and still not a zombie)”

  1. I love your witty approach to this topic. You’ve given voice to a lot of the comments that many of us frequently hear. A coworker told me that there’s a microchip in the vaccine and the government now knows where we are at all times. I didn’t have the heart to tell him they already did 😉.

  2. I love this! It was comical, but held so much truth. We know that aside from what you listed, there are so many more theories being discussed about the vaccination. What’s crazy is, we’ve all been getting vaccinated from a very young age, but this seems like something that is completely new and foreign to us. Getting vaccinated is a choice. I don’t think people are wrong for not doing it or right for doing it.

  3. annette2031

    Thank you for speaking on an extremely hot topic…Sometimes it can cause an argument. But I love your approach to this topic and stated the information with respect.

    1. dwayneadderley

      Thank you. That was my intention so I am happy it hit the mark.

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