You treat me like a dog

Throughout my existence here on Earth, I have always associated the term, “you treat me like a dog” as being negative. This was due to the fact that it was commonly spoken by jilted lovers, friends you hadn’t communicated with in an extended period of time or persons who had been strongly rejected on some level.

But, on a recent morning, whilst enjoying the outdoors and having the daily “what should I have for breakfast” conversation with myself (don’t judge me because we all do it); I saw the neighbors’ dog in the distance happily enjoying his morning meal. Then it hit me; we have grossly misused this statement. Here I was, gainfully employed and yet slightly jealous of Spot, Killer or whatever his/her name is. As I returned to my house while giving the well-fed pooch the evil eye, it was obvious that my perspective on this phrase was inaccurate.

 Dogs are among the most pampered animals on the planet. They are provided with food, water, shelter and love. Many are showered with toys, trips to the doggy-spa, taken for regular checkups and included in family vacations; all without having to lift a paw. Those who find themselves homeless are taken to no-kill shelters and every effort is made to find them a forever home. Some opt to stay on the streets and enjoy the freedoms of life; eating from various locations, sleeping under the stars and playing whenever they desire.

Maybe it’s time we revisit some of the phrases we use and analyze if they are still applicable or make logical sense. In today’s society, being treated like a dog isn’t such a bad thing. So the next time someone says, “you treat me like a dog”, smile and thank them.

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  1. I don’t have a dog, but I know several people who do. Dogs are a part of the family. They enjoy the same niceties as humans and sometimes more. If I believed in reincarnation, I might want to come back as one in my next life 😂.

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